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Serenity Pornstar

Moments of reflections…

its bbq time!

Jan. 1 2012
My day day started waking up in the my friends house @ Diniwood Boracay, a loft house made out of native materials and good memories. To end-up sleeping in a cushioned matres right above the floor, reminds me of my bed at home. Good morning Twenty12. good morning Boracay, good morning friends!

One thing i enjoy in the morning is a cup of coffee, all of a sudden you feel like a liter of gas has just been pumped into your brain, cells ignited, systems ready to GO. Instead of the usual planning your DAY itinerary i decided i would just go with the flow, and see what this day has to offer.

Outside the porch I was reading a book given to me by a special friend. A mental exercise to stretch the mind to start of the year. The chapter i read was deep enough to silence my issues and fuel my wisdom. Starting the day like that gives me good energy that will sustain me throughout the day. Not knowing I would make use of it right away.

My first physical activity was to swim the vast sea of clear waters and white sands with BEAUTY painted all over it…20minutes of swimming to wake those muscles up, stretch those tendons and improve your whole-being. The cool salty water, hot penetrating sun and powdery cushioning sands is welcomed by the 5 senses which gives me that natural high in life. My mind is awake, my body is moving, my heart is pounding fast and my smile grows bigger. Hello SEA!

After the quick exercise I head back to the house, and our neighbor is outside greeting the sunshine with open arms (literally). We have some new year eve’s stories to share, which transpired into DOG TALKS because he is a dog breeder a “Pit-bull” specifically. He has one by the name “Pornstar” a headstrong, energetic, pacquiao looking Pit-DAWG. If you see him, you would say FIERCE. Although Pornstar is the opposite, its just a look that will deceive his soul, ironically his just a compassionate, energetic, playful one. he has a look of a bully but has a heart of a baby.

I was able to walk Pornstar which led to my next activity after swimming, yeah man vs. beast. Walking down the street of Diniwood with a dog that has a reputation to be a fighter, scary, violent and other more stuff that will keep you a good 3-5 meters away. Makes me think how people are judged that way also, i at times bite my toungue cause i fall victim of such virus. Mental note: THough shalt not judge for Twenty12.

I guess walking Pornstar side-by-side gave me time to reflect and think deeper in life about having the right attitude, just being yourself and knowing thyself regardless of what people think, regardless of what people say. And as though you may not know what the future holds, and what direction you are headed you can trust that everything is going to be ok aslong as you have faith and respect with your master. Lessons in life learned for day 1 of Twenty12.

I head back to the house not really thinking of whats happening next, just the feeling of gratitude that fills the air that i breathe in that moment . If I can thank the the heavens for prosperity I will THANK them for more. Written all over my feet was my feet was “THANK YOU”, for allowing me to walk this way and thank you for a serendipitous day.


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