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Ever since the thought of 2012 was coming the value and importance of “changing for the better” has always been injected in my mind. New years always brings new light to to those people who live in dark corners. It’s the one moment of the year where resolutions are the predominant topics for discussion, and a better-man as a result. Well, in my opinion it has always been that way…since the only permanent thing in life is change. So why not always change for the better (in all pillars of life).

The definition of “insanity” is doing something over and over and expecting a different result. Which brings me to my present location- Boracay, because ever since I was a kid i have always spent xmas and new years in Manila or Cebu. So first change is going to be the location where i will be experience ALOT of FIRSTS, something to look forward too.  Hopefully this new outlook will bring new results into my life…Welcome twenty12!


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thoughts grow deeper as we fade into the eternal bliss. Join me as i share my moments in life as a Futkalero.

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